J.Y. Park turned out to be South Korea's richest celebrity by holding shares


J.Y. Park has a fortune in stock!

On April 21, the Korean financial tracker Chaebul.com revealed that the shares held by the JYP Entertainment singer and entrepreneur are valued at over 190 billion won (approximately $ 160 million) in total, making him the most stock-and-stock celebrity & # 39; of Korea.

Currently, J.Y. The 17.8% share of the park in JYP Entertainment is estimated at 192 billion won, having received a 1% increase since the end of last year.

Among the "Big 3" agencies, JYP Entertainment was the only agency capable of maintaining SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both with more than 20% drop since last year. Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment remain in second and third place in share wealth among celebrities respectively.


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