In New Avengers Endgame Photo, Tony Stark is giving internship certificate to Peter Parker


Robert Downey Jr, actor of Avengers, shared a new photo of the upcoming Avengers: Endgame & # 39; in your profile on Instagram. Look here.

In New Avengers Endgame Photo, Tony Stark is giving internship certificate to Peter Parker
Image: Robert Downey Jr / Instagram

Actor Robert Downey Jr is celebrating his 54th birthday today and is certainly willing to give gifts. The actor shared a photo with Avengers: End of the Game. O Iron Man actor posted a photo on Instagram that shows him with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. In the photo, the RDJ is seen delivering a trainee certificate from Stark Industries to his fellow Avenger Spider-Man. He captioned the photo as "Hahaha … We are very happy …"

As for the relevance of photography, it will be used in the Avengers: End of the Game to emphasize the fact that how much Tony Stark misses the Avenger Spider-Man that left for the dust Avengers: Infinite War. The moment in Infinite War when Spider-Man was gone while he was in Tony's embrace, it was quite emotional for the fans, since Tony was always a Spider-Man mentor in the film. He is seen guiding you and keeping you out of trouble. It would not be wrong to say that Peter's departure from Infinite War It was a personal loss to Tony, who looked discouraged at the end of the film.
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On Tony-Peter's relationship director, Joe Russo said, "He had this mentor relationship with Peter Parker, it's as if his personal life was becoming more complete and more important to him than ever. And that's a counterpoint interesting for your life. " Iron Man, and also his life as Iron Man is a potential threat to this personal life too. What is happening to Tony Stark in this movie is that he is beginning to feel the tension between these two things, and this is a conflict difficult for him. "
Avengers: End of the Game marks the end of The Infinite Saga which comprises 22 films in total. The highly anticipated film will be released on April 26th around the world.

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