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They were once dubbed a Hong Kong gold couple, so why did Idy Chan and Chow Yun Fat end up all those years?

The 59-year-old actress, best known for her iconic role as Little Dragon Girl in Return of the Condor Heroes, finally revealed the reason for the split in a recent Taiwan media interview.

When she was young, Idy often bothered Yun Fat's mother with her words.

The tense relationship between the two was probably the biggest reason behind the couple's breakup, as the actor was known to be a son of filial piety.

Idy and Yun Fat began dating in 1978 after meeting on the set of the Vanity Fair TV series.

During her five-year relationship, the actress once considered leaving the showbiz to support her career if they were to get married.

When their relationship fell in 1982, the actor's suicide attempt rocked the entertainment industry.

But she declined to comment on the incident.

While many fans still feel that Idy and Yun Fat should still remain as a couple, Idy had different thoughts.

Chow Yun Fat once said to his wife that he will not marry her

"If I'm still with him, he will not have what he has today."

"I do not know his wife (Jasmine Tan) personally and I've never met her, but I feel she really helped him."

"If we did not finish, he would not have become an international star. That was something I could not help him," Idy said.

After the separation, the actor had a short marriage with the actress Candice Yu in 1983, and later married the Singaporean heiress Jasmine Tan in 1987.

Meanwhile, Idy married businessman Peter Chan in 1984 and separated from him eight years later.

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