Hospital blends patients resulting in shortening of the penis, impotence and incontinence of unnecessary prostate surgery; The jury awards a verdict of $ 12.25 million


POLK COUNTY, Iowa, April 6, 2019 / PRNewswire / – AN Polk County, Iowa award-winning jury US $ 12.25 million in a unanimous verdict after only 3 hours of deliberations for a man who underwent a debilitating and unnecessary prostate cancer surgery which resulted in shortening his penis, complete loss of ability to have an erection and urinary incontinence. The Iowa Clinic and pathologist mixed Mr. Huitt with another patient who actually had cancer.

For more than three months, Mr. Rick Huitt and his 45-year-old wife, Judy believed he had cancer spreading all over his body. The urologist who was counting on the pathology report said the cancer was extensive, so a radical prostatectomy had to be performed, which included removing the nerves that lead to the penis. Iowa Clinic pathologist Dr. Trueblood mixed the blades of Huitt's non-cancerous tissue samples with those of another patient who actually had cancer, leading to an inadequate diagnosis and resulting in the removal of the prostate from Huitt. The surgery also damaged the nearby nerves, leaving him impotent and incontinent. Mr. Huitt was 100% cancer-free.

Mr. Huitt had just retired from John Deere after a 41-year career in a line at the factory. He retired to spend more time with his wife, three children and three grandchildren. Judy cried when she testified in the case about how they had an active sex life and beautiful intimacy in the mid-1960s and how her husband still chased her around the house. They made love for the last time 2 days before the unnecessary surgery. She told the jury how her husband's penis had shortened and no longer works. It also goes through 2-3 urinary pills per day that it has to use because of the damage. Both have witnessed how their lives have changed dramatically since surgery, how they try to hide their grandchildren's urine scent and how her husband needs to use urine absorbents and air purifiers to try to mask the problem.

At the trial, the insurer's defense attorneys told the jury that the defense accepted the responsibility from the outset, when the truth is that the first position the defense took on the case was denying everything. The head of the insurer's claims division, MMIC, took the position that the case would only be worth $ 350,000 in the state of Iowa. After the pathologist and director of pathology at the Iowa Clinic, who committed the negligence admitted in the error, the defense changed its response on file to admit negligence but not damages. The chief pathologist never apologized to the family and never changed the pathology report even after the litigation. Therefore, the patient's chart still has a pathology report stating that he has cancer when there is and has never been cancer in his body. The jury did not hear all these facts. The leading insurance defense lawyer told jurors that the case was only worth it $ 750,000 in the final arguments.

When a hard-working man reaches the peak of his life and can finally retire and enjoy time with his loving wife, there is an expectation that going to a clinic does not result in penile shortening surgery that is 100% unnecessary and caused by a confusion of the pathologist, "he said. Nick Rowley, family lawyer, founder of the Trial Lawyers for Justice and a partner in the CarpenterZuckerman and Rowley. "For him, he lost his manhood and a Iowa jury agrees that his manhood is worth much more than $ 750,000"

Rowley was first called on Saturday night and briefed on the case (36 hours before the start of the trial). He heard the story of what happened and how MMIC Insurance treated the Iowans cheaply again, agreed to make the trial, flew on Sunday night and served as the lead lawyer for the case.

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