Hope: Benitez's latest comment on the future of Newcastle is encouraging for the club – opinion


We all want Rafa Benitez to sign new terms in Newcastle. This is obvious. However, so far we have been waiting for good news on the subject.

This happened this week, according to the Chronicle, with the club apparently handing over a written offer to Benitez. This is of course good news, but perhaps more interesting at this stage is your last comment on the subject.

Asked about the prospect of discussing a new agreement, Rafa simply said, "We have plenty of time, yes."

As the Chronicle notes, this is encouraging, as it is clear that Benitez is not closing the door for long-term signing, and at this stage, that's all we can ask for.

A written contract offer means little if he does not intend to sign, but Benitez is clearly willing to have talks with the club – just not yet. Of course he is probably looking for the club to secure his position in the Premier League first, while of course he would be foolish to agree to the terms unless Ashley gives him what he wants.

Still, at this stage, Benitez could easily say he wanted to wait until the end of the season or publicly ask Ashley to meet his demands. He is not, however. He is eager to keep it behind the scenes, and he is evidently happy to have a conversation. And what we need right now.

We completely understand your hesitation. Make no mistake, he has all the power in this situation, and he has the right to make the most of it.

We are beginning to feel much more confident that the Spaniard will stay, since all the signs are pointing to him being open to that prospect.



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