Greek economy among the most "miserable" in the world, says Bloomberg | The business


Greece ranks fifth among the 11 nations with the world's "most miserable" economies, according to a Bloomberg report published on Wednesday.

According to the Bloomberg Misery Index, 20.1 points in 2018 and 19.2 projected this year, Greece comes after Venezuela (with almost 930,000 points last year and 8 million this year), Argentina (42.7 in 2018 and 51.4 in 2019), South Africa (31.8 and 32.3 respectively) and Turkey, which is worse than this year with 30.2 points compared to 26.8 in 2018.

What these countries have in common, according to the report, is "intense economic stress and little progress in controlling price growth and getting people back to work."

"The Bloomberg Misery Index is based on the old concept that low inflation and unemployment generally illustrate how good the residents of an economy should feel," the report said, adding that this year's scores are based on economists' of Bloomberg, while previous years reflect actual data.


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