Fortnite: Season 8 Patch Notes (update v8.00)


Fortnite: Battle Royale has just received its first season eight patch notes with the v8.00 update this Thursday morning. All players are officially ready to know what's new in this Fortnite season.

The assumptions we made based on clues that Epic Games had given us last week proved to be correct. Fortnite The new station is having a volcano, fire and lots of lava.

Developer Epic Games revealed the new skins coming to the eighth season in a trailer that the company posted on YouTube and can be watched below.


A volcano emerged in the Fortnite island, apparently where Wailing Woods used to be. This led to changes in the named locations and now has created areas like Sunny Steps, apparently where the Tomato Temple was, and Lazy Lagoon, which should be where Lazy Links was before.

Party Assistance

Fortnite The eighth season will allow players to choose a challenge from their battle pass to share their progression with friends in their group. Whenever a challenge has the Party Assistance feature activated while at a party, the player who activated it will see their friends' actions assist in the very progression of this challenge.

Players saw four teaser images leading up to the eighth season, and all of them could be put together to form a larger one. Even though the patch notes are already out, it may still take a few hours to find all the new Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite The eighth season will be available in every country in a few hours. The server downtime for the update began at 3am on Thursday and should take some time to complete. Players should be able to leave their game client open to download the update in the meantime and leave the game ready to play as soon as the servers are back.

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