Former 4-minute member Sohyun has climbed the next OCN & # 39; Mr. Temporary & # 39;


The former 4-minute member Sohyun was scaled to the next OCN drama & # 39;Mr. Temporary& # 39;

On April 19, the OCN announced "Sohyun will play the role of Seo Yoon Ah in the new OCN from Wednesday to Thursday" Mr. Temporary ". Seo Yoon Ah is at the top of 0.1% of a prestigious school, and with her good looks, independence and good heart, she is poised for a bright future.

The drama, also starring Yoon Kyun Sang and Geum Sae Rok, revolves around the story of a greedy lawyer whose reputation comes to a low. To regain his good name, he begins teaching as a temporary teacher and slowly discovers the great secret of the students.

Sohyun's label also confirmed "It's true that Sohyun is starring in Mr & # 39; Temporary & # 39; & # 39; Sr. Temporary is debuting in July.


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