Sunday , April 18 2021

Fish Oil Reduces Risk of Heart Attack, Vitamin D Lowerers Chances of Death From Cancer, Latest Health News

A large US study evaluating the health benefits of vitamin D and fish oil supplements has concluded that omega-3 oils can drastically reduce the chances of a heart attack while the benefits of vitamin D appear to lower the risk of death by cancer.

Neither vitamin D nor fish oil reduced the odds of stroke or cancer in the study, whose participants did not know whether they were taking the actual supplements or a dummy pill.

The rate of heart attack in fish oil containers was 28 percent lower than among those who received placebo, or placebo.

For people who take vitamin D that have developed cancer, the cancer mortality rate was 25 percent lower, possibly because the vitamin "may affect the biology of the tumor, so it is less likely to spread and become metastatic," said lead author JoAnn Manson. of the Division of Preventive Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital of Medicine in Massachusetts. – REUTERS

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