First revealed gameplay of the new League of Legends champion Yuumi: The Magical Cat


The first gameplay of the new League of Legends support champion, Yuumi: The Magical Cat, was released.

There are currently 143 champions in League of Legends after the addition of Sylas in January 2019, however, with the next addition of Yuumi The Magical Cat may be one of the most original champions yet.

Although the champion is available to those with Public Beta Environment accounts on April 30, the official release date of Yuumi's live server was scheduled for May 14 and should be released along with the 9.10 patch.

Riot Games

Yuumi: The Magical Cat is the 144th champion to be released in League of Legends.

Yuumi gameplay

Many players are eager to test the new champion, since the Yuumi kit features skills like joining another champion and protecting them, which has not yet been seen in the League of Legends so far.

Yuumi's gameplay has been posted online by Challenge Esports, and gives us a good idea of ​​how Yuumi's new skill kit can come out in the laning phase and in teamfights against some of the longstanding League of Legends champions.

The game starts at 0:40 for mobile users.

Many fans are comparing the champion to support Sona, claiming that the pair plays similarly, since it causes similar damage to those of the poke as well as healing to their mates; however, they differ greatly when it comes to speed of movement and other aspects of combat.

Fans will have to wait and see exactly where Yuumi will rank when compared to some of the other champions in League of Legends.

It is also likely that Riot Games will make further adjustments to Yuumi after the official launch in order to balance the champion properly, as they have in the past for previous champion releases.


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