EA's financial room reports "difficult", looks at the legends and the hymn of Apex


EA said the recent financial quarter was difficult for the company but is planning games like Anthem and Apex Legends to help boost future earnings.

Today the company released its preliminary financial results for the quarter ended last December. Although the numbers appear to have a small increase compared to the same period last year, this did not meet EA's financial expectations.

"The video game industry continues to grow over a year of intense competition and transformational change," said CEO Andrew Wilson. "The third quarter was a tough quarter for Electronic Arts and we did not meet our expectations. We are now applying our company's strengths to enhance our execution and focus on delivering new games and live long-term services to our players. We are very excited about Apex Legends, the next release of Anthem, and a deep list of new experiences we will bring to our global communities in the coming fiscal year. "

The games released during what was described as a disappointing quarter were Battlefield V and Command and Conquer: Rivals.

COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen also cites FIFA as a success for the company over the previous year, as the best-selling console game in Europe in 2018, with the Ultimate Team games up 15% year on year. Jorgensen is also looking for new games like Anthem, Apex Legends, Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order (which can be released by the end of 2019), as well as the newly announced Plants vs Zombies and Need for Speed ​​games to help us months.

Apex Legends in particular has had a surprisingly strong start for the company, attracting 1 million players in less than eight hours, even if it does not have Titans. Although Respawn developer is not working on Titanfall 3, we know that a Titanfall "premium" experience is coming sometime later this year.

Anthem, which will be released on February 22, 2019, will also help EA and you can learn more about our thoughts after spending 20 hours with BioWare's newest title.

Hope Corrigan is an Australian freelance writer from IGN who had a surprisingly good time at Apex Legends. You can follow it in Twitter.


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