Disc Creatures is a Pokemon inspired RPG for PC with a trailer you should check out


Disco Creatures from Picorinne Soft is a kicker for the monster that captures RPGs from the Game Boy era with a great sprite job.

Developer Picorinne Soft is a Japanese studio of a man who is joining the publisher DANGEN Entertainment to launch Disc Creatures. The game is a tribute to the monster that captures Game Boy RPGs as Pokemon and seems right out of that time. Check out the trailer below:

As you can see, Disc Creatures seems just like a Pokémon game for the Game Boy Color and, in many ways, that's exactly what you're getting. similarly to Pokémon, there are 200 creatures for you to collect and fight during your adventure. The sprite work and the chiptune music also feel good. This package will surely send 90's kids in a nostalgia kick.

That said, there are some differences between Disc Creatures and Pokémon. Most notable is that you will be controlling three creatures in battle instead of just one. This gives you a number of different ways to battle skills and opens up battles in ways that were not possible in the original Pokémon adventures

Each creature also has its own tree of abilities. When you level up, you are not just gaining new skills in a row. Instead, you are making decisions about what skills to follow in your creature's skill tree. In addition, when you gain new skills, you do not lose the old ones as in Pokémon. This allows you to mix and match your creature skill set before each battle, greatly increasing the variability in game styles.

It's cool to see a game like that coming out. For as successful as Pokémon was in the days of Game Boy, there were not many imitators until later. Have a game like Disc Creatures playing with this style of art should be incredibly interesting at the very least.

Look to Disc Creatures on the PC later this year.


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