Chris Jericho makes bold statement about the Age of Attitude



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April 20, 2019, 15:02 IST

The Raw list during the Monday Night Wars
The Raw list during the Monday Night Wars

What's the story?

The entire Elite Wrestling Superstar, Chris Jericho, recently spoke with Inquisitr, promoting your next cruise.

Jericho said the wrestling industry is the strongest that has ever existed, including Attitude Era.

In case you do not know …

Chris Jericho signed a lucrative contract with AEW earlier this year, in what he dubbed "the best deal of his life." Former WWE Superstar is ready to revitalize his career at the AEW squad.

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The heart of matter

While talking to Inquisitr, Jericho touched on a variety of topics. The discussion soon turned to the current state of wrestling. AEW managed to create a buzz among fans, even before producing a single show.

The Grandest Stage Of Allm, WrestleMania 35, was a huge success. In addition, there are promotions like ROH and Impact, with their fair share of niche fans. When asked about whether wrestling had already been so strong, Jericho had some interesting things to say.

He said that while WWE has attracted about 10 million viewers during the Age of Attitude, it's still not a candle for what we have today.

Well, I mean, absolutely. Coming back to Monday Night Wars and 9 million people on a weekly basis, it may not be so now, from the point of view of TV. But with so many options out there, and so much talent – from a live event in person and buzz viewpoint – it really is.

What is the next?

The first show of all Elite Wrestling, "Double Or Nothing", is all set to emanate from the MGM Grand on May 25. Jericho will be part of the event and this could be the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling.

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What are your thoughts on Jericho's comments? Do you miss the Age of Attitude?

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