Monday , March 1 2021

Battle between Steam and Epic Games Store gets bloody about 'Exodus Metro'

Last year, when Epic unveiled the Epic Games Store, a PC video game market designed to give the Steam monopoly the first real fight of its life, we thought things would look ugly. With Fortnite fortunes at its disposal, Epic had the financial strength and technical infrastructure to challenge Valve by offering exclusive offers. But incredibly experienced moves, such as giving indie developers a fairer cut in profits, suggested that Epic had the intelligence to win this battle as well. This made you want to ignore how the Epic Games Store is sparse at the moment when it comes to features.

The Epic Games Store has only two months and the fight between her and Steam has turned into a total war. The last great battle? The fight is over Exodus of the Subway.

As we said, Epic's move to gain support for their store is setting high profile exclusives. Since Valve pretty much stopped creating video games, Steam is more useful as a centralized collection of third-party PC games. And the more these games migrate to the Epic field, the more attractive and more scams are given to Valve. Epic Games Store exclusives include Tom Clancy is Division 2 of Ubisoft, the next project of Supergiant Games Hades, and now more controversially the post-apocalyptic Russian sniper Exodus of the subway.

You see Exodus of the Subway was not always exclusive to Epic Games Store. Before that store was something you could pre-order on Steam. And to be fair, those who do will still have their purchases honored when the game is released on February 15. But from now on, at least for how long the exclusivity agreement lasts, you can only buy Exodus of the Subway in the Epic Games Store.

And a lot of people had something to say about it. Steam users, unaccustomed to competition, felt as collateral damage in a fight between corporate titans. Valve itself called the movement "unfair" in a post pulling down Meters the pre-order page. Even messages from Exodus of the Subway publisher THQ Nordic seems mixed. 1 tweet blamed parent company Koch Media for the move and wished the players had a choice. But the executives were resolute in their support of the deal.

Hope it gets even worse if Exodus of the Subway launches on Steam in a condition even slightly worse than its counterpart to the Epic Games Store. And while we all know that such a change is possible, the next time Epic has another exclusivity, we expect players to be more attentive. Of course, you can also just skip this drama and start the game on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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