Tuesday , July 27 2021

Arsenal News: José Mourinho gives advice from Mesut Ozil to the Gunners

Having worked with the German ace at Real Madrid, Special One was happy to share some tips on how to keep him happy

Jose Mourinho has revealed how to make the best of Arsenal star Mesut Ozil, saying that neither a hard line nor a soft approach will work in the star.

Ozil has cut an unfortunate figure at the Emirates Stadium in recent months, missing out on several key games amid rumors he might be leaving soon.

Unai Emery again ignored his attack on Saturday, leaving him on the bench as Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0 in a vital Premier League victory.

Mourinho knows the former German player better than most, after having protected him during his time at Real Madrid.

And he believes that he has the answer on the mystery of how to make the enigmatic Ozil enter and leave the field.

"Honestly, I do not know what's going on, whether he's having a physical problem or not," explained Mourinho bein sports.

"I know there was some problem with his contract, he's getting out of it so he's not going out for free. I think he finally signed a contract and decided to stay.

"So there is not a problem with the contract, so I believe there is something from the physical point of view or there is some confrontation of ideas with Unaí. I think the nature of football is exactly that.

"With me, Ozil played incredibly well, but maybe not with Uni. And maybe a player I do not remember was phenomenal with Uni, but it does not work so well with me. It's just the nature of empathy.

"On the one hand, if you're sweet with him, you lose his natural aggression because he's not naturally a very strong physical player in terms of aggression." .

"If you are very strong with him and forget that he also needs a little care, a little love, you do not find the right balance. So I think it's about finding the right balance with him."

Frank Lampard and José Mourinho | Chelsea

Another man who made headlines this week is Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa, who angered Derby County colleague Frank Lampard when he discovered he had sent a spy & # 39; to observe a Rams training session.

Mourinho worked alongside Lampard for years at Chelsea, and admitted that he too was not above using stealth methods to give his team the edge – including hiding in a laundry basket in order to avoid a sideline ban.

"I need to be with my players and I did," he added.

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"I go to the dressing room during the day, so I was there at noon and the game is seven o'clock.I just want to be in the dressing room when the players arrive.I went there and no one saw me.

"The problem was going out later, and the man in the kit put me in the basket, it was a little open so I could breathe.

"But when he was leading out of the locker room, the guys from the Uefa were following and desperate to find me, so he closed the box and I could not breathe.When he opened the box I was dying."

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