Apple iPhone 8S to launch in early 2020 with 4.7-inch display, A13 processor


Apple apparently has an extensive list of iPhones planned for release later this year, but according to a new report (via DigiTimes) fur Daily Economic TimesThe Cupertino giant is also preparing a revised version of the iPhone 8, which will arrive in early 2020.

An iPhone 8 reviewed with the latest Apple news

It seems, the next smartphone will be for the iPhone 8 what the iPhone SE was for the iPhone 5 / 5s. According to sources at the Fubon Securities Investment Trust in Taiwan, it will maintain the current 4.7-inch LCD monitor of the iPhone 8, making it the first iPhone to be released with thick panels and a physical start button since 2017.

In addition, the smartphone will apparently sell a single camera in the back. However, some major improvements to the sensor are expected – the iPhone 8S (or whatever Apple wants to call it) will likely borrow the main camera from the iPhone XI. Speaking of the iPhone XI, the report also suggests that the new Apple iPhone will lend the latest generation A13 processor and 128 GB of basic storage.

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8S is slated to debut at the end of March at Apple's annual event. Apple is apparently planning an initial production of 20 million units that will be manufactured by Pegatron. In terms of how much the device will cost, today's report points to a retail price of $ 649, putting it directly between the existing iPhone 8 ($ 599) and iPhone 8 Plus ($ 699).

Must join iPhone XI / XI Max, iPhone XR2 and iPhone XE

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Apple also has a range of iPhone models planned for later this year. These are the iPhone XI and the iPhone XI Max, a successor to the iPhone XR and a compact iPhone XE.

Starting with the iPhone XI duo, they are expected to include updated screens paired with reduced frames and a slightly smaller notch. In addition, rumors suggest that the flagship cars can count on up to three rear cameras thanks to the addition of a new wide-angle offer.

Moving on to the replacement of the iPhone XR, it is expected once again that this model contains a 6.1-inch LCD monitor. A minimum of two rear cameras is expected and, like the iPhone 8S and iPhone XI, the smartphone must have the Apple A13 chip and iOS 13 straight from the box.

Apple iPhone XE concept render

Apple iPhone XE concept render

Last but certainly not least, it's the iPhone XE. This smartphone will apparently act as a successor to the iPhone SE fan favorite and will debut with a 4.8-inch display with a notch and Face ID. However, it will not retain all the major features.
According to recent reports, it will feature the Apple Bionic A12 on the inside instead of the next A13 chip and a 12 megapixel rear camera. In addition, an aluminum configuration is expected instead of the current combination of glass and stainless steel found in the iPhone XS, which means that there is no support for charging wirelessly.

How will the final formation of Apple on the iPhone?

Once the iPhone 8S hits stores early in 2020, Apple may have a fairly extensive line of devices consisting of current models and smartphones to come. Here's how the iPhone's programming may be next year if Apple keeps all models:

  • iPhone XI Max – $ 1,099
  • iPhone XI – US $ 999
  • iPhone XS Max – $ 999
  • iPhone XS – US $ 899
  • iPhone XR2 – US $ 799
  • iPhone XR – US $ 649
  • iPhone 8S – US $ 649
  • iPhone XE – US $ 599
  • iPhone 8 Plus – $ 599
  • iPhone 8 – $ 499
  • iPhone 7 Plus – $ 469
  • iPhone 7 – $ 399
Will Apple keep these three iPhones? Or is it going to happen this year?

Will Apple keep these three iPhones? Or is it going to happen this year?

Of course, Apple could opt for certain devices. For example, the iPhone 7 duo could be totally discarded to keep revenue numbers higher. Similarly, the production of the iPhone XS series may cease in order to boost sales of the new iPhone XI models, while keeping them could spark the interest of consumers seeking Apple's most stylish design but without the latest technology and price ratio.

Another thing worth noting is that the final retail prices for each model may change. For example, the iPhone XR2 could cost $ 749 as the current generation model, instead of the slight increase of up to $ 799 we are predicting.


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