Amy asks, "Can you handle it?" then Wheesung denied the rumors of drugs


TV personality deported Amy shared an ambiguous post after Wheesung's official denial of drug rumors.

On April 16, Amy revealed belatedly that she was not alone during drug use in the past. She claimed that a male celebrity was using the drug with her and he still blackmailed her with sex tapes.

Wheesung rumored to be the male celebrity. After a day of silence, the singer's agency spoke and denied the rumors, but said he will receive punishment if there is a video that proves Amy's allegations.

After the agency's official statement, Amy posted on Instagram, "Can you handle it?" The post has been deleted since.

Based on Amy's reaction and the agency's statement on "receiving punishment if evidence exists," Internet users believe that Wheesung may actually be the male celebrity.

Declared Comments "So, basically, Wheesung is pretending to be innocent until the test is revealed," "I mean, he even canceled the show. He's not clean," "He will not admit it until there's evidence."


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