All Neil Warnock said about his future in management, injuries to Cardiff City and Brighton clash


Alex McLeish in Callum Paterson

We will have another international break after this weekend, and Callum Paterson is set to get involved with Scotland, who face Israel and Albania in the League of Nations next week.

And coach Alex McLeish had his thoughts on the Scottish club's team at Cardiff as well as his position on the pitch.

"Callum is very versatile. I played him as a side against Costa Rica. But we feel he has also been quite effective in midfield in the games of Mexico and Peru.

He scored many goals in Cardiff last year and now Neil Warnock made an emergency maneuver when he put him ahead. He has scored a few goals against some big clubs in the last three or four weeks.

So he's a bit of a threat. He is a versatile player worthy of being on the team.

This gives us options. We played him in an attacking role in Mexico, but we did not give him the service that I think he would have appreciated.

So this is something we will have to work tactically if it is entering an advanced area.

But he has been very effective in the middle and the front for more than one season now. "

Alex McLeish

    Callum Paterson of Cardiff City Celebrates
Callum Paterson of Cardiff City Celebrates (Image: Getty Images)


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