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1-Guard of Altitude that fell into the pit and died: Family seeking answers, News from Singapore


A security guard at the 1-Altitude bar, who fell into a 4-meter-deep pit and died Sunday apparently trying to keep two clients away from an area protected by barricades, colleagues told the witnesses of the crash.

Shaun Tung, 26, saw the pair entering the isolated area shortly after midnight on Sunday and came across an attempt to stop them. He probably did not know there was a hole in the ground, his family told The Straits Times last night.

Mr. Tung is a part-time guard at the outdoor bar on the roof of One Raffles Place, a 63-story building.

Police have called the case an unnatural death and investigations are ongoing. Police said the hole was a building pit.

Meanwhile, the owner of the building, OUB Center, and the Labor Ministry said that the accident happened in an isolated area for cleaning jobs from outside buildings.

It is not known if the hole was covered at the time of the accident and who were the two invaders.

Mr. Tung, the father of a two-year-old son, was cremated last night.

In an interview at the family home in Punggol, his parents and his older sister said they are seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Mr. Tung worked part-time at 1-Altitude for about a year and was doing one to two night shifts a month.

Shaun Tung, who worked at the 1-Altitude bar, fell into a four-meter-deep pit on the roof of One Raffles Place and died.
PHOTO: The Times of the Strait

His father, Tung Kim Swee, 64, who is a surveyor, visited the site on the fateful Sunday and estimated that the rectangular hole was about 1.3m wide and 1.6m long. He also said that the area was cleared, and he had no idea that the hole was there until it was pointed at him. The hole was not covered when he saw it.

"No one could explain why the hole was there. They just said it was to update works," he added.

Tung's sister, Rebecca, 30, a flight attendant, said her brother probably was not told about it before his shift began.

She added that her family is at a loss over who is to blame. "We really do not know anything, and no amount of apology is enough.

"All we ask for is justice."

She said her brother was very hardworking. He was a full-time gym instructor and had two other part-time jobs. He was taking night classes for a degree in sports training for the past two years.

His mother Chan Lian Poh, 59, said in tears, "My heart is very bitter, I do not know how I will move on. He told me that he would take care of me and my husband in our old age. left ".

• Additional reporting by Salome Ong

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