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November 18, 2018. 20:45> 23:26 |

The young man as he played perfectly, the best tennis player in the world lost his strength in the last game of the incredible season

Before the final tournament in London, nobody was asked who was number one in the world, but the final gave the answer of who could be the future. Novak Djokovic will remain far ahead of everyone at the ATP tron ​​but the last match of the season was a trailer for the exciting 2019 in which Alexander Zverev should finally be involved in the race for the biggest trophies and first place. Routine victory over the world's best tennis player in the biggest game of his career gave him the epithet of the first generation of the young generation, although his rival had a very bad day – 6: 4, 6: 3.

The step champion he heard all week ended as soon as Nole was on the court. From the morning combing the trees he split into social networks, until the first game Zvereva, the Serbian tennis player looked strange. He was unrecognizable at the moment, especially in ritual and service, which was his strongest weapon all week.

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After a convincing triumph in the group, Novak cautioned the euphoric representatives of the media, but himself, that Sasa was nowhere near his level, especially in the service. When the Serbian was breached for the first time this week (4: 4), and the young German fired three limits in the next game, it was clear that Zverev was not the "little cunt" of the opening phase of the tournament.

Somewhere between Đoković's defeat and a big win over Federer in the semifinals, he awoke on that instinct to show why he is less and less considered the number one of the future. Aleksander may be making nasty surprises in Grand Slam's grandson, but when he comes to the trophy, he knows he's scattered. Our player felt on his skin last year at the last show in Rome.

The unspoken sports rule that it is not easy to get the same rival in tennis in a single competition is almost never applicable. Only in the final tournament, due to a specific system, could such a situation occur, and Novak was unable to do so.

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In the second interlocking tournament, our tennis player went to the finals with the gas full and then he was running out of the final shot. Hatchan's defeat in Paris came after an exhausting double in the semi-final with Federer, but the first favorite did not even get excited about Saturday's game with Anderson. Like all week.

Throughout the week, NOVAK was using Natalia Ramonda, a symbol of World War I Peace Day.

In the previous four games, he decoded the machines smoothly, but Zvereva's service last night was like a closed book. Nothing failed to read the Serbian player, and the only break was made when it was already a little late at the beginning of the second set.

Zverev already had a big advantage, and he did another as soon as Djokovic equalized and held him until the end of the first cup match in the final.

"Sasha, you played so much better than in a group. You are young and you already have a great career, I want everything good in the future. When we are with a young man, I hope to go out with this great audience in the next few years, "Djokovic said at the ceremony.

Zverev has embraced the biggest trophy so far, but at the best moment of his career he talked more about Novak.

– Dude, you hardly missed a match this season. Here from me you are just defeated. Everyone knows how well you are a good player and person. Sasha said.

Many familiar faces are seen tonight in the "O2" arena, not just in sneakers. In addition to former champions of the final tournament of Guge Kuerten and Nikolai Davidenko, David Beckham took his place near the field. The famous football player took to the final match of the son of Rome, who is a big fan of Nolte and already watched it in Wimbledon.


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