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20/06/2019 22:17 – 20/06/2019 23:20

Condemning public comments.

Zoran Marjanović

Zoran Marjanovic, photo: Alo! / Dejan Briza

Zoran Marjanovic, the husband of the murdered singer "Granda" Jelena Marjanovic, accused of her death, was pronounced dead and spread rapidly through social networks. The false news about Zoran's death began with the "jutjub" channel "Find on time," which has about 37,000 followers. This channel announced that "Zoran was killed in traffic", and false news so far had 216,675 views.

News of the sudden death of the accused of the most popular case of black chronicle in Serbia was announced by the channel, referring to "certain local media." In a short story, Zoran is found dead on June 13 in his Mercedes-Benz car in Bajmok near Subotica.

Zoki is alive – he is not dead

– Zoran is alive, well and waiting for the end of the case. According to his lawyer's advice, he does not make a statement to the media. I understand that the channel wins in comments, but to announce that the top of psychiatry has been killed – says the acquaintance of Zoran.

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– A 40-year-old man was killed on the local road in Bajmok, and according to information not yet verified, his wife Jelena Marjanovic, who was charged with the murder for the third time, – this news says.

Below are the companions' comments, beginning with the criticism that the published information is lying to the approval "that punishment was obtained by him".

"I'm not sorry for him, it's his punishment of God because he killed Jelen""Fatal death, like many other great lies, who knows what it is," "If so, then there is a god, he has seen his torment," he read some of the comments.

However, Zoran could not be dead, since the very day he was allegedly killed, he was seen alive and well in Borca. We invited Zoran Marjanovic yesterday to hear your comment, but he did not answer the phone.


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