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Youth on penalties knocked out TSC Cukaricki from the lemon to the quarterfinals of the Cup, Radnicki toppled Backa in the final

Indjija better than Proleter, Radnik turned against OFK Belgrade in Karaburma, Vojvodina convinced against Sindjelic

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Teleoptik – Cukaricki 0: 1 (0: 1)

Belgrade – Stadium: SC Partizan-Teleoptik. Spectators: 300. Judge: Marko Ivkovic. Assistants: Nemanja Petrovic and Slobodan Pavlovic. Yellow cards: Birmancevic (Cukaricki). Sagittarius: 0: 1 Luka Stojanovic (penalty kick) after 31 minutes.

TELEOPTIK: Vukanic, Petrovic, Antonijevic, Pantazis, Jovanovic, Rajen, Arambasic, Knezevic, Colic, Milosavljevic, Jankovic.

ČUKARIČKI: Petrovic, Tedic (from 62nd Endijae), Kamenovic, Micin, Puskaric, Stojanovic (from 62nd Vidosavljevic), Bogosavac, Aleksic, Djordjevic (from 75th Kovac), Velickovic, Birmancevic.

Cukaricki was in the quarterfinals of the Serbian Cup after beating Belgrade, a member of the Serbian League, in the eighth final, defeating Teleoptic away 1: 0. The only guess is the work Luke Stojanovic, which was needed since the penalty on Tedicat 31 minutes.

White and black coach Aleksandar Veselinovic he shook the starting lineup there were no captains in the protocol Welcome and experienced Kajevićafter 42 consecutive matches he remained on the bench Šapić. They had the chance from the start Kemnović it's not the place of the cork, Aleksićafter a long time he recovered Djordjevic, moving on to the next stage of the most massive competition, the biggest gains are to Veselinović team.

And if it was easy, it wasn't! On the contrary, Teleoptic proved to be a complicated rival, eager for another scalp. Remember that in the first round of the Serbian Cup, opticians eliminated Super League player Vozdovac after a better penalty shootout. There were chances in the introductory part of the game but the first one was more serious Stojanovicwhich after a perfectly executed corner Djordjevic in the 23rd minute he hit his head, the ball hit the post.

Four minutes later, the host replied, Pantazis had a nice free kick that went over the bar Petrovic naked At 30 minutes another opportunity, this time from the 100% Teleoptic category, dangerous Colic He escaped Brdjan's defense but then missed the goal from a clear position.

Just a minute later the penalty arrived, Tedic is knocked over in a sixteenth rival, a Stojanovic was safe from a white spot – 0: 1.

At the end of the break, another attempt is worth mentioning. Djordjevic, who shot 25 yards over the naked Teleoptic.

There were chances on both sides below, although Cukaricki dominated possession despite more opportunities. However, Teleoptic could have tied the score back 53 minutes into the match, after a great action the visitors' defense played, but a good kick. Babović defended Petrovic. It was the chance of departure for the host. Six minutes later, after a nice return ball Tedić he kicked MićinBut it was not necessary.

In the 61st minute, Teleoptic threatened once again, this time Radmanovac shot 25 yards, he was a little inaccurate. Mićin had another chance, he did everything well after 67 minutes, ignoring the goalkeeper Vukanić, but is Born kicked the ball off the goal line.

At the end of the match, two more chances for Cukaricki on 81 minutes after a good kick Vidosavljevic, Vukanic he intervened admirably while in the last moments he managed to defend the shot too Blacksmith on against.

The traffic light of the eighth final of the Serbian Cup:

October, 23:

Indjija – Proleter (NS) 2: 1 (Bastajic 21, Bosancic Penalty 37 – Scepanovic Penalty 78)

OFK Belgrade – Radnik 1: 2 (Velickovic 41 – Damnjanovic 21, Makaric 78)

Radnicki (Nis) – OFK Backa 2: 0 (Pantelic 74, Djilas 77)

Teleoptik – Cukaricki 0: 1 (31st Stojanovic penalty)

Mladost (Lu) – TSC 1: 1 – 5: 4 in the area ()

Vojvodina – Sindjelic (Bg) 4: 0 (Korh's 5th goal, Zukić's 36th penalty, 58, Djuric 81)


Partizan – Spartak

Red Star – Sword

Note: A match is played, as in all the next stages. The quarterfinals are scheduled for March 18, 2020, the semifinals are April 8 and the finals are May 24.

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