Xbox One with the All-Digital Edition Console without the Only Cloud CD, Microsoft Project xCloud


While working slowly on a new generation of consoles, Microsoft is also working to make the current generation accessible and modern to its players. So we have the latest release now Xbox One S Console, which differs from others because it does not have a built-in disc player, it is already digital only.

That means players will not have to buy discs, but games will only be able to download games through digital stores, they announced gaming media, noting that the signature for a group of Microsoft digital services, along with the Xbox Live Gold pass for this console will be $ 15, or Euro per month – there are many free games every month, of course.

However, in addition to switching to the Cloud, The cloud, the most positive thing about ejecting the console disc player, is actually lowering the price of the Xbox One S. The new console will cost $ 250, Euro for the version of a terabyte and brings the players too Minercraft, Forza Horizon 3 I Sea of ​​Thieves games.

Xbox One with fully digital editing will go on sale from May 7.

Xbox One with all digital editions
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And this console will be part of Microsoft xCloud project, which means streaming Xbox catalogs (games) to any compatible device, including televisions, tablets and phones. All hardware and processing runs in the cloud, and the user receives a signal and video to play, without the need for any player to have additional hardware – only the subscription or rental of the game is paid, and playback is done on the device, which user already owns.

The presentation of this console was well received by several global corporations and environmental organizations, as discarding discs of one of these popular products will lead to a significant reduction in the use of plastics and natural resources for production, distribution, disposal and recycling. Imagine just millions and millions of plastic boxes, disks and screwdrivers in which games come in minus – this is really a step towards a healthier environment, right?

Because players already have a fast network and high quality, but they will have to learn to live with better organization of disk space on the console. Stay and this is the real limitation of the new console. To get an idea of ​​how many games are in a single terabyte of memory, which is the default option on this console, we'll tell you that Far Cry 5 or the latest Assassins Creed has between 45 and 55 gigabytes of space. So, 10-12 games, approximately by the console, if the accompanying files are not very large.

How is this move for Microsoft companies?

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