Who can eat late and for how long can food be frozen?


Are green peppers poisonous? Does your body lose much fluid if you drink coffee? What time is best to eat? The flood of myths about healthy eating confuses many people. This is what six popular beliefs say about German experts.

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Members of the German Nutrition Association (DGE) say that according to many myths about nutrition, they should have a healthy dose of skepticism and should try to determine if there is a grain of truth in them.

Myth: Black bread is older than white

Among cereal products such as bread, pasta, rice and flour, they are the healthiest whole grain, says DDE's Silke Restemeyer.

"Whole foods ensure a much longer satiety, while at the same time contain more nutritious ingredients than white flour."

It is important to note that not all types of black bread or seeds are made from whole grains.

"Some types of bread are dark in color thanks to the malt extract that is added to them, and in some species the seed bread has only sunflower seeds."

Myth: Green Peppers are poisonous

Unripeed peppers contain solanine.

"It's about a poison that protects the plant from pests," explains GAL's Harald Seic. When consumed too much green pepper, some people may experience symptoms like mild headaches or stomach pains.

However, an adult should ingest a very large amount of green peppers to cause serious health problems.

Myth: Coffee is a diuretic;He is losing youO

"It is not harmful with a cup of coffee to drink a glass of pure water, but it is not necessary," says Restemeyer.

Coffee, like other beverages, belongs to the daily amount of fluid your body needs.

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

Myth: Frozen vegetables can be kept "forever"

"Freezing food is a great way to keep some food in the long run," says Restemeyer.

When stored at minus 18 degrees, most of the nutrients, taste and appearance remain intact. However, over time, food degradation occurs, which means that frozen foods are no longer tasty at some point.

Tip: "Enter the date you refrigerated the food, the content, and the amount, and you'll know exactly how old she is."

Myth: If you eat late at night, you will agree

"If you eat too much calories in your body, you will lose weight," explained nutritionist Monika Bishof.

People who belong to a group of normal-weight people are irrelevant when they eat.

"But if a person wants to lose weight, it would be advisable to stop eating before bed or at night," says Bishop, adding that it is easier for some people to skip their meal at night than during the day.

Myth: Alcohol after meal accelerates digestion

"It's good to finish a meal with a little liquor or brandy, but that will not help your digestion," says Restemeyer.

Alcohol stimulates the production of acid in the stomach and stimulates the formation of enzymes that aid in the digestion of proteins. Digestives do not help in the digestion process of fatty foods, Restemeyer adds, stating that alcohol, most often in the digestive system, is much faster than fat.


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