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At the same time, the PSG asked for 300 million euros to Barcelona, ​​but is unlikely to be able to outsource such sum

Neymar, Luka Jovic

Photo: AP / Tanjug

After some tough remarks in the PSG camp, it is clear that Neymar is at the door of the club, which Real Madrid want to enjoy.

Allegedly, the overburdened boundaries of Nejmar in Paris are routed by President Naser Al Kelaifi, and Real Madrid has long awaited the Brazilians in their ranks.

It goes back to 2013 when Neymar, as a Santos player, chose the club to be on the threshold of signing, but Barça took the players ahead of the Royal Club leaders.

Now Real does not want to miss this opportunity, as well as the fact that Geret Bale and Hames Rodriguez are not the players Zinedine Zidan believes.

The Colombian spent some time lending at Bayern, Bale did not crystallize as leader after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, so one of the two could go to Paris with a compensation of up to 130 million euros.

At the same time, PSG asked Barcelona for € 300 million, but is unlikely to be able to outsource such sum, Neymar estimates that Neymar will cost up to 200 million, Real and offered when another player's price is calculated.

Then Neymar would become team-mate to Luke Jovic, who, along with Eden Azar, was Madrid's greatest stepping-stone in the last interim period.



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