WHICH IN THE FORM OF THE MILK ROAD? A Great Discovery Surprised Astronomers (PHOTO) | Reportage


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February 5, 2019. 23:20 |

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The study analyzed 1339 stars to discover the true shape of our galaxy

For the first time, scientists have accurately mapped our galaxy to see its true shape, reports Independent.

Other galaxies, we added, were measured in detail, and our measurement was a huge challenge. Astronomers explain that it's like trying to determine the shape of your own standing state in the yard.

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"Mostly the spiral galaxies were seen as straight, like Andromeda, which we can see through a telescope," said Professor Richard de Gries, the study's co-author and astronomer.

In this study, 1339 stars were analyzed to discover the actual shape of the galaxy and noted that the star's disk tilts upward as we approach its extremities.

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To a distant observer, our galaxy would resemble a disk of stars orbiting a dense center. But at the end, the influence of gravity is weaker and this disc is more like the letter "S". A new study suggests that the distorted galaxy forms a powerful and powerful rotational force for a massive internal disk.

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Otherwise, astronomers had previously detected galaxies with curved ends, but so far we have not known that the Milky Way belongs to them.



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