What did Mihi spoil after a new victory?


The last triumph of the Mihajlovic team finally left the area
the outbreaks, where Empoli has fallen now, so the Serbian specialist has very
reasons for satisfaction.

"Before coming to Bologna, I thought this
The staff could do a lot better. This is a very important victory, now we are
out of the zone of abandonment, but there are still nine rounds "

remembers Mihajlovic.

Still, he has something to worry about after today's game as well
when it comes to the decision maker, Matija Destro, the shooter
a victory in the last moments of time.

& Quot; Destro was injured in celebrating the shot, but I hope so.
it's nothing terrible, because I want him on the team in the next extraordinary
round in the week, "
Mihajlovic pointed.

Bologna in the next round is visiting Bergamo, where he will mark his strength
with Atalanta, and that match was on Thursday 21


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