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Photo: Pixabay.com

AMD Radeon VII, AMD's newest graphics card is not only good for gaming, it seems like the new king of ethereum mining seems to be judging by performance.

Judging from the experts, the Radeon VII is able to achieve a hash rate of 90MH / s without any further adjustment which is almost three times better than the AMD RX Vega 64 video card and much better than the powerful Nvidia Titan In Graphic Cards (69MH / s).

Photo: Pixabay.com

If you're ready to mess around with the graphics card, the Radeon VII can achieve even better performance, between 90 and 100MH / s.

More importantly, Radeon VII is a much more energy efficient map, which significantly reduces the cost of mining.

When it comes to price, the AMD Radeon VII costs just $ 699 compared to the Titanium, which costs $ 2,999.

A significantly lower price, for significantly better results, makes Radeon VII a significantly better option for all ethereal miners.



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