We enjoyed the day before on T-shirts, ice cream and sunbathing … Are you ready to see what time we wait for the next seven days?



2/4/2019. 07:05

In Serbia, today will be mostly sunny and warm, RHMZ announced.


spring, Photo: Alo! / Masanori Yoshida

Late in the southwest and south of Serbia with the local cloudiness, sometimes with a short sleeve.

The wind is weak and moderate, south and southeast, in the area frade and strong, that late and late in the day in the south of Banat and in the Lower Danube region will hit the storms of the storm.

Morning temperature of 2 to 10 degrees, the highest daily most places from 20 to 22 degrees, in the fresh Timocka Krajina, about 16 degrees.

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And in Belgrade, sunny and warm, with a moderate and strong southeast wind.

Morning temperature around 10, the highest daily around 20 degrees.

In the next seven days, it will change overcast, in most places with longer periods of sunny weather, and sometimes short-term rainfall or local rains are expected.

In the area of ​​moderate and strong wind front winds from the southeast, which until Friday in southern Banat and the Low Danube region will hit the storm storms.


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