Watching how dogs would be a woman, they were at school! SEE WHAT YOU LIKE! Ivana Marinković's sister groaned publicly: Jogunio as LITTLE CHILD! And just to hear how she responded! (VIDEO) | Stars


Sister Ivana Marinkovic, Theodora, joined the villa "Parova", and she irritated her brother throughout Serbia! At one point, she screamed at the headphones, even though "Everybody" was shaking all the time and then read the lesson because of her poor imitation.

The bastards she got from Jelena Ilic have worried most of her because she can not believe he allowed that to happen, so her daughter Lena suffers from it.

Let's remember, Ivan got Lena at a wedding with singer Goca Trzan. As Teodora pointed out, she and her brother are not in touch, but as she says, the Instagram exists and all the angry messages she has seen from her colleagues.

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"The person you love the most in the world is watching everything that is happening here. People are joking, their classmates from a state school, no longer going to the private … like your father is beaten by a girl!" How the wife is beaten! … Ivane, I'm not looking at what's happening to me You have a mirror here, look at what you are and at what you're allowed You know that I want you all the best … You can not be humiliate, cry, and pray for a person who inflicts physical pain. Now you've lost touch with the most important … Do you know this goes to jail? "Teodora spoke for a long time, and Ivan listened to her, along with the roommates in the village, though there was nothing for him.

As for him, he'd better not even call him.

"I'll answer you briefly, I will not be as wide as you! I know Jelena loves me and I love her, and I'm going to go over everything!"

"When you leave – there will be nothing at all," Theodore said.

"No one sees the right thing, I just know the real thing!" John ran. Happy screenshot


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