Thursday , October 21 2021

Vui: It's not wrong neither the selector nor the players, it's better to blame myself


President Alexander Wuyi commented on some criticism that he was responsible for the defeat of the national team of Serbian football of Ukraine.

Source: B92, Tanjug



He said the worst thing was to blame him for everything that was happening in Serbia and that he was accustomed to it.

Serbia suffered a disaster in Lviv, where Ukraine was better than 5: 0.

"Guilt is Vui, that's why he prepares Coccie, and that's the Coccero's fault, although he provided all the conditions, I do not know and it does not matter, neither the selector nor the players are guilty, let's blame them, I am guilty " said Vui in Luany.

He says that when athletes succeed, they warn him not to bother with other penalties and adds that he does not and that he is the only president who has not participated in a game.

Vui points out that Serbia has invested the highest value in sports in the last three years, over a year ago, because of which the years of 2017 and 2018 were the most successful years of sport, but also that it will not be placed by other penalties.

He added that fans of Zvezda and Partizan are accused of defeat when they win the other titles.

"When Zvezda won the title, the mountains of Kau Vui were installed.When Partizan takes the cup, he shares how Vui ordered, so that they too would be happy, even if the star never drowned" kae Vui.

He added that the drava gave "abnormal" money to clubs Zvezda and Partizan to play in Evroliga and to be strong and that other clubs have the right to be angry with such investment.

"And again, it's your fault that the judge played like this or that … I was guilty of kiwi, and now it's my fault the sun was burning …", the president concluded.

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