Saturday , October 23 2021

(VIDEO) SKUP NEKI SEKS! The great boss punished LUNU AND MARK!


Zadrugari, Luna and Marko are punished for a Sunday tribute, and they both know why. Mina was also fined by Mirrors and Petrucci for the conflict with Brandon. Hello, Big Boss – a letter in the letter.

Remember, the Grand Chief banned for several days to cooperate with the shower booth and put the bubbles outdoors when using them together. Luna and Marko had relationships in the shower during the evening party, which was covered and therefore punished. When they heard the punishments, they accepted them with laughter, and they hugged and kissed, and Djogani made a comment:

– I was beautiful, I do not regret it said the blogger.

– Have sex Sanja Stankovic did it.

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