UDAR MONTENEGRINA JOURNALISTS! "The famous hero of Čovino remained trembling in a hotel"


We announce the fear, it has been dry! We announced the phenomenal winding, it was even better than that! While Podgorica celebrates, our hero Čovinjo zatvoren got restless at Hotel Podgorica, certainly because it was really all radio – The copywriter wrote.

He continued in the same tone.

The next cleaning mission of the Chetniks and all forms of fascia from my profile, this will not be a place for your free, rage and miserable vocabulary! I see there were 289 comments and now everyone in the bin will not be read – concluded this journalist.

(VIDEO) NEW EVIDENCE OF TORTURE IN PODGÓRICA! There was a snapshot of an attack on the Star delegation!

What will be number four? The star still leads with 2: 1 in the series, and on Wednesday, red and white awaits hell.

A few days ago, a businessman complained about the atmosphere in Belgrade and obviously his objectivity was not stronger.


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