Two more planets that resemble Earth (VIDEO) were discovered Report


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June 20, 2019 19:41 |

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Experts in the latter discover more and more planets that resemble Earth and are considered established

Experts on the latest reveal more and more Earth-resembling planets, which are considered established, and scientists have recently discovered two more "terrestrial" planets circling a nearby star, and have optimal conditions for forming water surfaces, which is one of the basic conditions for life.

The planets move around the star called "Teegarden," which is 12.5 light-years from Earth. Scientists have discovered that they are only slightly heavier than the Earth, and that they are located in an area that could provide living conditions because it allows the existence of water in liquid form.

The planets around your sun have a circle of eight or eleven Earth days, which is quite fast even for some planets in our Solar System – circles of mercury around the Sun in 88 days.

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The Teegarden star belongs to the M type of dwarf stars, which means it produces less light and energy than our sun. This means that the planets should be closer to their star than the Sun Earth to be considered as inhabited, since at a greater distance the liquids would be frozen.

It is hoped that there are more planets in the solar system of Teegarden, since most of the stars in its surroundings have more than two planets.

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