TRAGEDY IN NIS: The worker went to the canteen, fell and died | Serbia


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November 5, 2018 16:14 |

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At the workplace, around 9 pm Monday, the 45-year-old official from Leonija in Malošište

At the workplace, a 45-year-old official from Leonija in Maloshte died on Monday at 9 am. According to police information, there are no suspicious circumstances.

"Around 9:30, police said the woman was dead. Police conducted the investigation and informed the competent prosecutor's office and the body was handed over to relatives for the funeral – say, at Nis Pu.

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According to her colleagues, the woman came to work that morning when she agreed.

"She went to the canteen, however, she fell and died on the spot," one of her colleagues says.


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