TODAY IN ISSUE DR. KURIR LIVES SURGERY With prim. Dr. Miomir Kocic talks about breast cancer, the causes of its formation and treatment! | Funny


Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women around the world. In Serbia, 4,000 new cases of breast cancer are detected annually, making this disease the most common malignancy among women in our country.

Why there is an increase in the number of breast cancer patients in Serbia, what are the causes of the disease, at which stage the cancer is needed to find cancer in order to cure it is just a few of the questions that the answers to the question of Dr. Kurir give us. Dr. Miomir Kocić, surgeon.

Watch the live broadcast from 2 pm on, Canal Jutjub and on the Courier Facebook page, where you can ask questions directly to the guest.

Head: Kristina Džoković



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