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This is totally MOVED FROM TAKTA NEIMAR, so it went to the calculation / VIDEO /

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Neymar caused a major scandal because after the Paris Saint-Germain defeat Rhen after a penalty kick kicked in a match with the fans of the opposing team and on that occasion he hit him. Almost all condemned the attackers of "saints" for this, but new details were now on the surface.

To remember, Ren won the French Cup sensationally, because he returned after a 0: 2 draw, drew and managed to reach the trophy after better penalties.

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Because of such a result, the Parisians were very nervous, so Kilian Mbape received a red card in the 118th minute, while Neymar was completely nervous after Duke. As can be seen in filming on social networks, the Brazilian was kicked off the clock by a fan who threw him on the phone and something was coming out.

Neymar first hung up the phone and then hit him in the face, which is why he is threatened by a draconian punishment. The young footballer, Paris Musa Diaby, was prevented by a serious incident.

It was initial information, but the other side of the story appeared on Tuesday when Neymar spokesman Alex Bernardo, who posted a video on Instagram, went out to see what all the fans of the Paris Renaissance were getting.

"I will not say if Neymar's decision was the right way to solve this problem, but it was provoked," said Bernardo, with images to hear the fans' cries: "Buffon, you're slow", "Kurzawa, I do not want to congratulate, "Here are the Veratija rashtes", "Nejmare, you're a bitch and you have to learn how to play".

After that, it turns out that Neymar's fan, Rene, is pushing the phone and then the video is interrupted.

– This type of delivery of football fans is unacceptable. The PSG players were hot heads after the defeat, and then the idiot called them that. I see that everyone started to criticize Neymar, but I do not see anyone condemning the behavior of the fans who caused it. Neymar, as always, defended his teammates. Who's going to defend him now? "Asked Alex Bernardo.

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