This is the richest German pensioner, 4,250 per pension day


The CEO of German automaker Dajler, Diter Cee, will soon become the wealthiest German retiree.

Source: B92, SEEbiz



He will receive up to 4,250 euros per day.

Cee is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daimler, a company wholly or partially owned by several companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Smart cars, Detroit Diesel and others.

In May of this year, he will retire and the pension will begin to receive the following year.

Cee has agreed to the largest "pension package" among all genuine entrepreneurs, who will receive more than one million euros per year in their account.

If he chooses all the benefits of the Daimler Fund for all retired managers, this will bring him an additional half a million euros a year. All together means that he will receive up to 4,250 euros per day of pension.

If Cee joins Dajmler's board, he can do so by 2021, so an additional payment will be agreed, the company said.


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