This is the main cause of mortality among young people



Goran Vesić

The event was also attended by Belgrade's deputy mayor, Goran Vesic, who thanked the Traffic Safety Agency and the Road Police for the campaign "You only have one trip" and stated that your work would not have results according to the which every year less people build our roads. What we have to think is also that it is not enough that we do not violate only the traffic rules, said Vesic, addressing citizens, adding that it is necessary to be careful in traffic, because a traffic accident can happen and not our fault.

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"We should also think about how many young lives are lost because it is true that the greatest cause of mortality in young people is a quick walk," said Vesic. He pointed out that one of the biggest problems in Belgrade is that when the streets are being built, the first demands of the citizens are the lieutenants, because they walk in these streets as if they were highways.

"Unfortunately, this is happening, and this is something we need to work on. So I ask the Home Office and all others to help make the sanctions for speeding and driving even clearer because there is no severe punishment if we can save a life, "Vesic said.

He added that as a society in which motorists have no sense for motorcyclists and cyclists as well as a sense of how to keep on running, we have to do much more to save lives. "A car accident is something that happens in a moment. A moment of neglect can change the lives not only of the people involved in the accident, but also of their families," Vesic said.

That this day and remember all those who lost their lives to be reminded of others of being cautious in traffic does not only mean saving their lives but also the lives of others, Vesic said. V.d. The director of the Serbian Traffic Safety Agency, Jasmina Milosevic, emphasized that she wants to raise public awareness and say that millions of people die every year on roads around the world, millions are injured and tens of millions suffer with permanent consequences of traffic accidents.

"Accidents in traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among young people, and there are no diseases that cause as much life as a car crash each year," Milosevic said. Stating that the Traffic Safety Agency with the Ministry of Interior is carrying out a number of activities to reduce traffic accidents, Milosevic said that this year compared to the reduced number of traffic accidents.

"Seven percent are less dead, more than a thousand people are less injured than the previous year, we recorded a 20 percent drop in drivers and passengers, 20 percent in motorcyclists and motorcyclists, 17 percent in collisions and a reduction in the number of injured pedestrians, "Milosevic said. .
Igor Lazic Nigor, who participates in the campaign "You have only one way", thanked him for the confidence expressed in being part of the campaign and made a song and a video that he said he hoped to change the awareness of all participants in the traffic, regardless of whether they drivers or pedestrians.

He stated that in 2007 he lost his father in a car accident and a friend and colleague in 1999 and pointed out that it was difficult to carry this trauma on himself. "Not just victims were killed, victims of families and victims who lost their loved ones. Life is changing from the root and it is difficult to fight it," said Nigor.

Asserting that the song was written from the heart, he quoted a few verses from the end of the song in which death refers: "I am here, I am waiting for you, on the right, at high speed and in the curse.I'm not saying that you are watching because your life is not mine.I'm waiting for you in the middle of the night, in the fog and when it's raining. " Nebojsa Arsov, chief of the Traffic Police Board, said 476 people had been killed on our roads since the start of the year, as well as a young driver aged 18 and a driver who died 33 years from a distance of 250 kilometers. both landed on the road.

"A moment, like a blink of an eye, kills thousands of smiles, spills the river of tears, erases all plans. Respect the rules, save lives and others and yours," said Arsov. The event dedicated to remembering the millions of people killed in traffic began, unlike in previous years, when the homage was given to the victims for a minute of silence, releasing the music of Igor Lazic Nigor "You have only one way" and ended with honoring the victims by throwing white balloons.


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