This impairs immunity and relieves blood pressure and is ideal for melting the body


If you decide to apply body extension or fix it, you should include in the diet – kelerabu.

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Photo: zoomteam /

Together with vitamins C and B, vitamins C and B are recommended for the cultivation of immunity in hypoglycemia and diabetes because they regulate the level of episodes and reduce blood pressure due to potassium. It is also ideal for weight loss.

It is used for the preparation of various specialties, from healthy salads, soups, orbs, appetizers. It is better to eat it in the raw state, because cooking or grilling partially loses nutritional properties, piu Novosti.

Research shows that regular consumption of fresh chelabras improves the absorption of gout in the body, bones, digestive and lymphatic system, teeth and gums. It contains beneficial ingredients such as indole, sulfoxafane and isothiocyanate, which have anticancer effects, and prevent the onset of edema, candida and viral diseases.


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