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Lada models are still the top sellers in Russia, according to the latest data.

Lada Granta - redesign (Photo: promoVAZ promo)

Lada Granta – redesign (Photo: promoVAZ promo)

The most trained car in Russia in May was Lada Grantarussian cake Autostat. This subcompact model last month was sold at 11,095 copies, representing an increase of 31% on an annual basis

Second on the list of the most popular passenger cars, a Lada was found. For the model Vesta 8,818 Russian customers or 15% more than in the same month of 2018 decided in May.

Kia Rio - sedan and it

Kia Rio – sedan and hebek (Photo: Kia promo)

The domain of Lada in the list of best selling models of breaks Kia Rio occupied the third position with 8,365 vehicles delivered, with a drop of 6% in sales.

And positions 4 and 5 on this list are Korean dre models. There are two Hyundays, a crossover Crete with 5,781 units sold and a sedan Solaris, for which interest in May showed 5,296 Russians.

Owner of the Lada brand, company АвтоВАЗ held a leading position when it comes to selling in Russian tritium, with 29,739 cars re-marked in May 2019. Second Kia with 19,461 vehicles, while the tree spot took over Hyundai with 14,891 vehicles sold.


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