There is more MOG BATE … The family of a fallen boy (11) is untrustworthy! The results of the investigation arrived here, this is how TRAGEDY OF THE STRAWN (PHOTO) appeared. Black Chronicle


The family of Stefan Todorović (11) from the village of Dedinac of Kuršumlija, who died Sunday when she was crushed by a tractor, can not be reconciled with a tragic loss.

Stefan's two brothers, T. T. (9) and N. T. (6) and sister A. T. (2), do not stop crying, aware that something terrible has happened in their family. A nine-year-old T. said he was the best of them all.

Father watched the accident.

"He was the most valuable of us all, my gun. He always helped everything with Mom and Dad and kept us going. My pussy is gone, "says the younger brother of a devastated boy.
The day after the terrible accident, which the Todorovic family, but also the whole village of Dedinac, turned black, the first results of the investigation arrived.

unhappy boy
unhappy boyphoto: Б. Kurir

"Stefan and his father, Radovan, went to the neighborhood around 10 o'clock Sunday to pick up their corn jackets. They put them in the back of a tractor that was parked on a steep hill. The boy was in the tractor, and his father was standing, when the tractor suddenly retreated, possible from the weight – says our source and continues:

As soon as the tractor started, Stephen's father began to help his son. He realized that the vehicle would tip over, so he lent a hand, but the little boy was not caught by it and fell. The next moment, the tractor fell on him and continued to roll for another 50 meters to stop in the creek.

He gave up immediately

According to the neighbors, after the accident, the painful storm of Stefan's father followed. The neighbors immediately came to his aid, but the boy was already dead. He was exhaling immediately.

a tractor that fell on a boy
a tractor that fell on a boyphoto: Б. Kurir

– one straight. I can not describe this moment at all. A small body and father beside him and torment, "says the villager.

The Todorović family lives in agriculture and the victims Stefan assisted their parents in all matters.

In addition, he went to school regularly and kept younger siblings when necessary. Todorovići are rare who have remained in the village – says the neighbor.

Traffic Safety Agency
A child can only walk in a trailer

Jasmina Milosevic, director of the Traffic Safety Agency, told the press that it was necessary to insist on the technical correction of agricultural vehicles and that the management of the tractor is an important experience.
– The tractor is not predictable, it is not a machine so light, either by its size or the way it is managed, unlike the car, which gives it some comfort. It is very important that the tractor has a protective cabin, as it will be during the overturning, which happens more frequently, to preserve life – said Milosevic, adding that at 14 he can only be transported in a trailer in the presence of a adult.

( / Biljana Roganovic / Photo: B.R.)



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