"The worst players to save? There is Bogdan Bogdanovic"


Spanish basketball player Serhio Ljulj spoke about everything related to the sport and praised Bogdan Bogdanovic.

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Ljulj, in an interview with Eurohoops, had the task of selecting the best players against whom he played in his career.

"It's very complicated, I'll start with Juan Carlos Navarre, one of the most difficult players to keep." Spanulis, Tony Parker, is also inside. So Bogdan Bogdanovic, who now plays a lot in Sacramento, Kalates … all play very well. because I had the task of protecting them and I know very well how difficult it is " said Slam.

Real Madrid classify Barcelona as the greatest opponent of the Spanish league, led by Serbian specialist Svetislav Pesic.

"It is clear that Barcelona have a great season, it seems they know how to win, sometimes this season has won us this season, including the World Cup, but the season is long." they like to play, I hope we play against them in the national championship final and that we will beat them, he said.

It was not easy for Euroleague Financial Forum participants to move forward.

"It's hard to predict that. I believe that Fenerbah├že and CSKA will be there, I hope Real Madrid is finishing for Fajnal. I would give fourth place to Efes or Barcelona ", said Ljulj.


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