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November 5, 2018. 14:25 |

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Marko Marinkovic (24), son of singer Tom Marinkovic, who first sang the legendary hit "Pukni zoro", died under the still unclear circumstances

MARKO Marinkovic (24), son of singer Tom Marinkovic, who first sang the legendary hit "Pukni zoro", died in Spain in circumstances not yet clear.

An unfortunate boy died on Sunday morning when, under unclear circumstances, he fell from the terrace of the Hotel Al Jusana in Luseni, where he stayed with several other students from Serbia under the Erasmus education program. Marko came to Lusen for educational improvement after finishing elementary education in Serbia. His love for music was inherited from his father, whom he occasionally performed.

The accident happened about 10 hours. According to local media, the boy remained alone in the room after his roommate went down to breakfast. For now, it is not known whether it is a suicide or an accident.

Marinkovic received immediate first aid and emergency aid arrived by helicopter to transfer him to the Reina Sofia hospital in Cordoba. Unfortunately, an unfortunate young man passed away before arriving at the hospital.

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Due to the mysterious death, the Spanish police launched an investigation, in which they will examine all the students who came to Luzen with Marinkovic for a masters study.

Marinkovic's body, according to police sources, was transferred to the Spanish media, was sent to the autopsy to determine the cause of death. The same sources said that because of the death of a Serbian, the Embassy of Serbia in Spain was contacted to contact the family of a young man and arrange the transfer of the body to Serbia as soon as possible.


Marinkovic's sudden death came to his friends, who pardoned Mark on Facebook.

"Dear Marko, when we greeted each other twice yesterday, I could not imagine you were going that far. I can not describe how I feel or even imagine how your family is. Relax in peace, my friend. Sing in paradise for all of us. Everyone speaks their language there – wrote Mark's friend on the social network Facebook.

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