The Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have three options for variable aperture


The Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have three options for variable aperture

Samsung your premium telephone equipment with variable Galaxy S9 series, which appeared earlier this year. These cameras allow you to improve sharpness in good lighting conditions while maintaining excellent performance in low light conditions. The company now raises the material to a higher level, featuring a three-stage variable aperture opening for the Galaxy Note10.

This information was released by the announcer Ice Universe, who pointed out that the camera will Samsung Galaxy Note10 The phone uses the variable aperture F1.5 / F1.8 / F2.4. By comparison, Samsung's top models can now use the F1.5 and F2.4 openings.

The F / 1.5 aperture should be useful when images are created in dark conditions as it allows more light to flow, resulting in a clearer image. The F / 2.4 hole, on the other hand, should produce sharper images with greater depth. In the middle is the F / 1.8, which Samsung probably wants to offer more flexibility to users.

On August 7, Samsung is due to release two Galaxy Note10 series phones – Standard and Pro variant. It is not known at this time whether both models will have a variable aperture aperture in three stages, or if they will only be available in the Pro model.

Source: GSMArena

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