THE MANAGER WAS 10 YEARS WITH HIM AT BRAC: There were rumors that she was cheating and then married 20 years younger SECRETARY (PHOTO) | Stars


After nine years of marriage, Snezana Dakic, manager, was separated from businessman Vladimir Mikic in 2014, and the official divorce happened a few years later. Always a well-styled and eloquent leader of a marriage with Mikic has a daughter Laur who lives with her.

When Snezana and Vladimir decided to divorce the national media five years ago, they circulated the stories that the reason for this step was that he supposedly cheated the leader with his young secretary of 21 years, Jovan Miljkovic.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

However, the hostess denied this.

"I never had the impression of having a parallel relationship, because if it were, I would not have suffered," Snezana said in 2014.

photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Vladimir admitted that he had a new partner but denied having betrayed Snezana with her.

"Snezana and I have not lived together for several months, and we have long said to each other that we are free people. I will continue to financially help Snezana and her daughter Laura and leave all my assets together, "Mikic said.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

Vladimir and Jovana were having fun for several years and then getting married in 2017. In December last year, Jovan and Vladimir were given a daughter who gave two names.

photo: Printscreen / Instagram Damir Dervišagić



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