The latest version of Firefox has blocked what is often annoying when browsing the Internet


The latest version of Internet browsers will give Firefox users the ability to block videos that automatically navigate while they browse the page and read the text.

Source: B92

Photo: Depositphotos / bizoon

Photo: Depositphotos / bizoon

The setting can be enabled with Firefox 66 for each site the user visits, but exceptions can be set for certain websites and videos.

The latest version of Firefox will also prevent ads that are being slowly tweaked to encourage page scrolling. It adds a new way to search on open tabs.

Although Mozilla's main competitor, Google Chrome, has introduced the possibility to block autoplay videos last year, its solution is different from Firefox.

Chrome, according to the "standard," passes this video content to over 1,000 popular sites, while in other cases it blocks them, so it can be changed in the settings.

Mozilla says blocking will not affect auto-playing video material that is transmitted without a tone, as is the case with Facebook. In services where there is a video waiting for others to exit after the first one is closed (such as Netflix), the new change will not be affected either, the cake The Verge.

The new version of Firefox brings some minor improvements, such as the WebAuthn support for Windows Hello, which opens up the possibility that Microsoft's biometric security standards apply when logging on to specific sites. Mozille claims fingerprint recognition, face recognition, PIN and security keys will be staggered.


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