THE FACIAL STATIONS WERE A CLICK ON THE INTERNET! Region does not stop laughing because of RES FOTKE!



01/05/2019. 2:30 p.m.

Stanija Dobrojevic

Stanija Dobrojevic, Photo: Screenshoot Youtube

Stanija Dobrojevic is one of the most attractive girls currently living in rial "Cooperative 2". Starlet is known for her provocative and dressing behavior, and often in the White House she is walking without brush rolls. See HERE as Stanya humiliated Luna Jogani.

Stan did not even feel that her nipples would become a total success in social networks. That is, a page popular on the Instagram published a hilarious photo, which caused laughter among the followers and users of that network. See HERE as Stanija commented on a marriage with a rich Russian who speculates for days.

Stanley's breasts, specifically the warts, inspired a user of this social network to create an illustration of Homer Simpson, and Dobrojević's breasts served as the eyes of the previously mentioned animated character. We wonder how Stanya would react to see this photo?


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