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THE CRIMINAL CRIMINAL IN VRDNIK: A fatal blonde with a sword in detail planned the liquidation of a husband? | Black Chronicle

Investigators are investigating whether Danijela Đilasović (43) and her lover Zoran Dimić (52) planned the murder of Danijela's wife, Nemanja Grčić (37), who at around 10 pm on Thursday happened in a weekend settlement Oborac near Vrdnik.

When we learned, Danijela and her husband arrived for a mini-holiday in the cabin two days before the crime, and she informed her lover, whom she had been for a long time.

"Make sure she and Dimić planned a crime together." There is a suspicion that this is because Danijela deliberately left the door open to kill the killer without any problem and practically surprised Grčić, who was lying on the couch and watching TV at that time. What exploded in the eyes of the investigators and led them to the suspicion that a fatal blonde consciously participated in the murder of her husband is that after the crime, the police made a confused statement, full of abuses and ambiguities – says our source and adds that the inspectors were able to quickly assemble data.

perceptionphoto: Ana Paunković

Danijela tried to fool them. She tried to attribute the crime to the Mafia, since her husband was known to police as a suspected member of the strongest clan in Vojvodina, the source said, adding that Dimić's ability to liquidate his rival is not ruled out for now.

"The fact is, Danijela told the lover where she and her husband are. Otherwise, she told her lover for a long time that she would divorce, but she did not do so, says the source.

Remember, Djilasovic was arrested on suspicion of helping Dimiq to liquidate her husband. She first reported that an unknown man fell into her apartment, shoved her away and Grcic fired after a fight. However, the inspectors suspected his words and, in the end, it was discovered that after the liquidation, Danijel's lover Zoran Dimić was standing.

The bloody end of marriage
The bloody end of marriagephoto: Private Archive

"Dimic is also known to the police from time to time. In 2009, he was arrested as part of an organized criminal group of Subotica, which dealt with the smuggling of arms, theft and drug trafficking. Dimic allegedly participated in the robberies that the group did by cutting metal boxes – says the interlocutor.

Facebook Insults
Not everyone can beat a husband

In his Facebook profile, Danijela Đilasović, after his arrest, many negative comments were published, in which the escorts were more severely condemned for participating in the murder of his wife Nemanja.
"What is a man unhappy about?" Not everyone can smuggle a husband – just some of the fake comments sent by fatal blondes to people.

She married twice
Mother of three children

Danijela Đilasović owns a private kindergarten in Belgrade, as well as a hairdressing salon, and was married before marriage to Grčić.
– Since his first marriage, he has a son and, with the murdered Nemanja, she has two children. She often came with her children in private accommodation in Vrdnik, but the last time she had decided to go alone with her husband. The investigation will determine whether she planned this intentionally, that is, if she deliberately did not take the children, knowing Dimić will come and kill her husband – says the source.

( / Danijela Jovanović / Photo: Ana Paunković, Private archive)


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