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THE BODY OF THE STUDENT OF LOZNICA: THE NURSING COMPANY found on the mother's birthday … | Black Chronicle


NOVI SAD – Pavel Grujic's (21) body from Loznica, a student at Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, left yesterday afternoon after 14 hours from the Danube on a wild beach in Oficirc in Petrovaradin.

After the body was found, the father of a tragic young man identified him, and the body was transferred and transferred to an autopsy at the Medical Judicial Institute.

photo: С.С.

Otherwise, the sadness is even greater, an unhappy young man, the son of a single, was found
on her mother's birthday.

Remember, on Tuesday, June 18, Pavle entered the Danube River on the other side of the river, near the "Family" monument in Novi Sad. The two of them swam and when they returned to the beach, the other turned to see where Paul was, but did not see him, and he thought he'd gone up for a near abortion. Another was asked by people who were on board, who searched for a boat in search of a student.

photo: С.С.

The police were immediately notified, which, together with the gendarmerie, began to search. Paul's mother, Maya, told our newspaper that day that the Novi Sad police informed her of Pavel's disappearance and that Pavlov's father immediately went to Novi Sad.

As his mother said, Pavle lived in Novi Sad for his studies and shared a rented apartment. S. / Photo: S. S.


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